Quick Tut – Creating a New Android Project for Eclipse

In Eclipse when you want to create a new project, you need to File – New – Android Application.  Then just give it a name, the version of Android you want to use, and a couple properties.  Badda Bing – New Android Project.

Android Application Development

Android is the up and coming (if it hasn’t already arrived) mobile OS.  Developed by Google, it offers a SDK for anyone to develop applications for the Android OS.  I have chosen to be one of those anyones.  I’m following these tutorials to start out with.  The following is my trials and truibulations with installing and writing a “Hello World!” android app.

First is installing the IDE.  The perfered IDE seems to be Eclipse.  Luckily I have worked with this before so installing it isn’t that big of a deal.  Setting it up is a bit harder.  After installing Eclipse add, go to Help, Install New SoftwareAdd. In the location field enter https://dl-ssl.google.com/android/eclipse. Check both boxes and proceed to the next screen. You should make sure Android DDMS and Android Development Tools are both listed before going on.

Now to to the Android SDK.  You can download it from here.  Download the zip file and unzip to a folder (remember where this folder is located).  We’ll call that folder the “Android SDK folder”.  After unzipping it run the exe and run all the updates.  After updating, its time to create an emulator.  Just click on Virtual Devices on the left then new on the right.  After configuring it click on your new device and click start.  Badda Bing – Virtual Android Phone!!!

Typography on the Web

I’ve recently become aware of a bunch of techniques to get rich detailed fonts on web pages. Fonts can make or break a page and the current standard in web safe fonts is very limiting to designers. I’m currently looking over this post and reviewing each technique.


I’ve been wanting to set up a blog to help document everything I come across at work, freelancing, as well as music, movies, skateboarding. I’ve been stting up this website for a few months now. Its using jQuery with PHP on the main site and this blog is setup with WordPress. I want to customize this theme in the future including setting up a better logo.  I have a logo in mind but I need a drawing pad which will be arriving soon.

My most resent project was on Reddit.tvReddit.tv was a video aggregater but just stopped working one day.  I was able to take the design and breathe new life into it.  Now it’s up and running and getting hundreds of hits a day.  Check it out at chadday.net/reddit/ All the videos come from the social news site reddit.com.

Reddit is an awesome source for news and entertainment.  Its all user submitted and voted on by the users.   The design of this site was already done and so good I didn’t need to imporve upon it.  All the work I put in was in the back end of the site.  It uses an RSS feed as it’s source for the video feed.  The page loads new videos every time a new category is clicked.  Right now it only views youtube videos but I’ve just been turned onto and awesome API that turns just about any link to an embedded video.  So I won’t have to set up a new player for each site Reddit.tv plays. Enjoi.